Things To Do In Kamloops

Kamloops blends energizing recreational opportunities with a culture of warm, welcoming people, allowing visitors to let loose and just play! Here are some Things To Do In Kamloops on any getaway, overnight trip or vacation! In our list you will find samples of things to do in each of the four seasons. Tourism Kamloops

BC Wildlife Park

The Kamloops RV Park is located next door to the BC Wildlife Park. The Park features over 65 species of wildlife spread out over 50 hectares. Every member of the family will enjoy seeing cougars, moose, birds of prey, snakes, grizzly bears, mountain goats, and timber wolves. Guests to the Kamloops RV Park receive special admission discounts to the BC Wildlife Park.


Kamloops is known as Canada's hottest new golf destination and there's little wonder why. With a long season that can extend from mid-March well into October, 13 remarkable golf courses, superb conditioning and spectacular views, Kamloops has earned the title of the best! Golf Kamloops

Sport Fishing

Kamloops is central to over 100+ fishing lakes within a 1-hour drive through diverse and scenic landscape. Many fish-filled lakes, rivers and streams are tucked into the beautiful landscape of mountains, valleys, forests and grasslands. For the adventurous, these remote areas are accessible by hiking, ATVs, 4X4, floatplane, or through the network of forestry roads. Kamloops Lakes


Kamloops' vast, rugged landscape lends itself perfectly to being a great hiking destination. The terrain varies from semi-arid desert to lush, green forests of birch, poplar, spruce and ponderosa pine. There are many exciting areas to hike in Kamloops as well, for those who are looking for a trail a little less strenuous to those looking for hiking that entails a decent workout with rewarding view. more